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Block Island Weddings

A Block Island Wedding

Block Island is the perfect destination wedding location. If you are planning a wedding there are all types of event locations that will take your breath away. From an intimate gathering to a celebration for hundreds Block Island is just the place. Our picturesque landscape and beaches will remain in the memories of your family and friends for years to come.  Chances are, you will introduce many to a place that they will visit for years to come!

Provided in this wedding section is Information that will help you plan your perfect event including everything from photographers to local marriage license applications.

We look forward to welcoming you to beautiful Block Island


Block Island Reservations is pleased to offer competitive rates and wedding blocks for your special event. Consider a midweek wedding for discounted rates. Wedding guests can take advantage of packages including bikes, ferry tickets and dining. Our convenient Old Harbor location makes planning your guests Block Island experience simple and pleasantly unforgettable! 1-800-825-6254

Bikes & Mopeds

Island Bike and Moped Shop: 401-741-2329
Find out about group rates for your wedding guests. Everyone will enjoy touring the island by bike or moped. Island Bike and Moped is located directly behind the Harborside Inn in the center of town (Old Harbor) and seconds on foot from the Old Harbor Ferry landing.


First Harbor Baptist Church: 401-466-5940
St Andrews Church (Roman Catholic): 401-466-5519
St. Ann’s By-The-Sea (Episcopal): 401-466-2911

Day Spa:  Koru Eco Spa

Koru Eco Spa: 401-466-2308


La Bella Rosa Floral Designs: 401-499-2035


Mark’s Beachcomber Hair Design: 401-466-5100

Koru Eco Spa: 401-466-2308

Clayhead Day Salon: 401-466-2440

Marriage License

Town Of New Shoreham Clerk’s Office 401-466-3200
Download your Block Island marriage license packet.


Block Island’s ONLY on island wedding entertainment service.
413-374-8102 /

Marc Scortino has been providing first rate wedding entertainment for over 15 years.  His career began as a professional pianist/vocalist and over the years he’s shared the stage with Billy Joel, the Barenaked Ladies and Jon Fishman of Phish.  As a musician, Marc posesses an intimate understanding of all musical styles including; classical, jazz, pop and everything in between.  Whether playing piano before an audience or selecting just the right song for a special dance, this kind of experience is invaluable.

Marc works with his clients to determine just the mood they’re trying to set.  He understands that some couples want an energetic and lively Master of Ceremonies while others prefer something more subdued.  Of course, every couple has special songs that they simply must hear on their wedding day as well as a select number of songs they would prefer not to.  Together with Marc, you’ll work through these types of details so that when your wedding day arrives, you’re able to enjoy the day confident that everthing will run smoothly. 

Marc’s business, “On-Island Entertainment”, began on Block Island and over the years has provided music for over one hundred high-profile island weddings.  As sole proprietor, Marc supplies a level of service that can’t be obtained when working with a larger entertainment outfit that relies on a rotating roster of surrogate DJ’s.  When you hire Marc, he’s the one who shows up to DJ your wedding.  Once there, Marc provides music that perfectly complements the environment surrounding the occasion. 

“Sometimes the greatest compliment I recieve is that the guests never even knew I was there until the introduction of the wedding party.  When I look around the room during the cocktail hour and see someone tapping their foot to the music while engaged in conversation, I know I’ve done my job.  Good background music should be almost sublimial.  When selecting dance music, it’s my goal to have everyone out there enjoying themselves; from the youngest cousin to the eldest aunt and uncle.” - Marc


Cindy Horovitz Wilson: 401-295-5338
John Fuller Photography: 401-855-9555
Lesley A. Ulrich Photography: 401-466-5858 / 203-606-6211
Rosermary Schaller Photography: 401-824-9172


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