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Block Island’s beaches are spectacular no matter what the season. Visitors love coming to Block Island to enjoy our clean coastline where you can always find a place to relax and enjoy that book you have been meaning to read. There are no fees to enter any beach and parking is all free.

On the East side of the island Crescent Beach stretches out over roughly two and a half miles of coastline. Crescent Beach is easily walkable from Old Harbor, the main town, or from New Harbor.  Within this popular beach area you will find sections with different names such as “Surf Beach”, “Baby Beach”, “Fred Benson Beach”, “Scotch Beach” and “Mansion Beach”. Most of this side is sandy with nice swimming and great for families. Fred Benson Beach or “State Beach” as it is also called has a beach pavillion with lifeguards, showers, bathrooms, parking and a take out window featuring refreshments, snacks and lunch.

The West side of the island has some superior spots for surfing, fishing and sunset watching. Dorie’s Cove, Grace’s Cove and Cooneymus are among a few of these secret beaches. The West side beaches are mainly rocky with an occasional sandy area.

The North end of Block Island is home to a protected wildlife refuge. This scenic area has a beach called “Cow Cove” with a serious undertow. It’s a beautiful walk down to the North Lighthouse from the parking area near Sachem Pond and Settler’s Rock.

The dramatic Mohegan Bluffs are located on the Southeast side as is Block Island’s historic Southeast Lighthouse. There are stairs leading down to an amazing beach from the bluffs. Bring a bottle of water and a camera for the hike down.

Block Island has beaches for walking, sunbathing, surfing, surfcasting, swimming, relaxing and so much more. When people ask why there are so few pools, it’s easy to answer that we are so furtunate to have such natural assets.


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