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Activities For Children

Block Island Club

The Block Island Club is open to all with memberships ranging from two weeks to full-summer. Members have access to sailboats, kayaks and tennis courts as well as swimming, sailing, tennis, and arts & crafts lessons for kids. The Club is closed for the winter.

Block Island Early Learning Center

The Block Island Early Learning Center is a licensed teaching facility by the Rhode Island Department of Child, Youth and Families and by the Rhode Island Department of Education. The facility offers programs for visitors and residents. Visit the website to see sample programs and to learn more about the staff at the Block Island Early Learning Center.

Block Island Glass Float Project

WHEN: The hunt begins in early spring and continues indefinitely….it only ends when all the floats have been found!

WHAT: 500 Glass Floats (glass orbs about the size of a grapefruit) will be hidden on Block Island. Floats will be dated, numbered and stamped with the shape of Block Island. All floats are clear glass except for 15 (because it is 2015), which are special colored orbs. One super special float is made entirely out of gold leaf. If you find a glass float, be sure to log it on the Block Island Tourism Council’s website:

WHERE: Floats will be hidden on the beaches and on the Greenway Trails. They will be above the high tide mark but NEVER in the dunes or up the side of the bluffs. They will be within one foot of either side of any Greenway trail they are placed on.

WHO: Anybody! Everybody!

* This is finder’s keepers but we ask that you only keep one per seeker, please *

Keep looking until you find one!
(they will stay where they are placed until they are found)


Eben Horton Glass. Eben creates custom one of a kind pieces on an individual basis out of his studio that he calls ‘The Glass Station’- a converted 1920’s gas station.

Prior to creating The Glass Station, Eben attended The School of American Crafts BFA program, Penland School of Crafts, an independent study in Murano, Italy and has taught at The Corning Museum of Glass. As of late, Eben’s talents have been in demand in the architectural sector, creating large installations , custom lighting, and is highly specialized in historical reproductions of early american and 17th century glass ware. While many glass artists specialize in one style of glass, Eben refuses to define his work as a singular style and prides himself as a highly skilled technical craftsman. Rather than becoming a production glass maker, or a glass artist who makes one recognizable style of glass over and over again, Eben is one of the country’s most versatile glass makers and is capable of turning your concept, design, or historical restoration project into a reality.


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