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Block Island Glass Floats Kick Off Weekend!

The Glass Float Project was created by Eben Horton to promote the beauty of Block Island and to give visitors to the island a wonderful healthy activity to do while they are visiting for the day or for extended visits.  Hundreds of glass balls (similar to the glass net floats used by Japanese fishermen) are made at Eben’s Studio in Wakefield, RI and are randomly hidden across the Island. Some are hidden along the beaches of the island and some are carefully placed along the island’s miles of Greenway Trails that are maintained by the Nature Conservancy. The rules are simple.. If you find one, keep it!!  If you find another, please leave it so that someone else can find it. If you find one, be sure to register your float with the Block Island Tourism Council on their website.  Registering your float helps us keep track of how many floats are still waiting to be found. This is a season long event. The floats will be hidden througout the spring summer and fall so don't give up hope if you don't find one right away. Keep searching!
Funding for the Glass Float Project was made possible by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts ( RISCA), the Block Island Tourism Council and donations by local Block Island businesses and friends of the project.


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